Thomas Langes Messer Freyhand


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Thomas „Langes Messer“ Freyhand

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Czas zamówienia 27 - 30 dni
Długość ostrza 71 cm
Długość rękojeści (jelca) 13 cm
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A classical langes Messer that was built according to historic antetypes. It is one-edged and has a short recurve towards the end of the blade. It is mentioned in many historical fencing books and is described as an effective weapon, popular amongst not-noble people. The standard position for the guard pin is on the right hand side, which means for right-handed people. If you prefer the left hand side please, select this in the section below.


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Thomas Langes Messer Freyhand

Thomas Langes Messer Freyhand

Thomas „Langes Messer“ Freyhand