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5 Elements e-shop – satisfaction level survey

 5 Elements e-shop – satisfaction level survey

Hello, Adventurer!

We strive to make our booth work as efficiently as possible and to continue creating a truly welcoming shopping place. We have just closed the 2019 season and want to prepare for the next one properly, which apparently is going to be no less intensive. That is why we have drawn up this questionnaire which aims to point out what improvements are necessary to meet the needs of our customers the best we can. And here your support is needed!
The survey can be anonymous – you may complete it without logging into the adventure zone and get a 10% discount for your future shopping. If you decide to give your personal data – just log in –you will receive 600 points within the 5 Elements Club in addition to the discount.
The form consists of 35 questions. It should take several to a dozen or so minutes to complete it but, to be sure, check the time and tell us in the last question – we are curious :) .

Direct link to the survey - here

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