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  • Weapons

    From a two-metre-high halabard to a knife a few centimetres long, from an ornamental royal sword to a coarse orc's mace - we all love weapons! Weapons are always an important part of larp gameplay, whether they are used in combat or are only an important part of your character's costume. Aesthetics and functionality - these are two words that can best describe the latest generation of larp weapons available in our store. Today's larp weapons are realistic looking masterpieces made of fiberglass (inner core), foam of various thicknesses and hardness (cladding) and latex (outer sheath), allowing for a fully safe warfare simulation. In the 5 Elements shop you will find larps weapons from leading European manufacturers: Danish company Iron Fortress and German Freyhand.

  • Armor

    Need protection in a larp battle? Buy a helmet! And not only the helmet: we have every kind of armour for you, adapted in design and comfort of use to many fantasy worlds! Light and comfortable textile shoulder straps, beautifully crafted leather armour, intricately braided chain mail and solid wrought-steel knight armour - all this you will find in the 5 Elements store. And yet armour is not only protection during larp battles and fights - it is also an important part of the character's costume, which attracts eyes and can be the biggest pride of the player, no matter if it is a full knightly armour or just leather gouaches with beautiful elvish ornaments. Check out our offer - you will surely find something that will match the equipment of your larp character!

  • Garments

    Rich nobleman or holy priest? A tough mercenary or a luxurious courtesan? The costume creates your larp personality. At first glance one should be able to see who your character is. Nothing will do more than a well-designed costume. Literally from head to toe - from comfortable shoes to a fancy hat: in the 5 Elements store you will find every element of your outfit you need, whether you want to create a full costume for your character or just purchase few missing elements for your existing costume. Designs are adapted to the fantasy worlds, races and cultures, they contain top quality materials and fully professional production - all characterised by costumes supplied by our partners: Danish company Iron Fortress and German Freyhand, Europe's leading larpa clothing manufacturers.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 2254 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 2254 items