• 2'nd Quality Long Swords Hybrids
2'nd Quality Long Swords Hybrids

2'nd Quality Long Swords Hybrids

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This item is hand-made and/or hand-painted, which makes it unique. In result of that, this product can have natural differences in design, color and shape, which are not considered faults or defects.

Everyone wants for their weapons to serve as long as possible.

Nothing can describe how to maintain tem as good as a video, so we encourage you to check out one of the episodes of “The Logbook” on that topic (with English subtitles): 

Remember that most of the damage is done due to the lack of maintenance and bad storage.

  1. Store your latex weapons flat or standing on their pommel - NEVER on the thrust (this will cause damage to the tip of the weapon, that’s not refunded)

  2. Use a barrier made of paper or a towel to guard your weapon in contact with other plastic or rubber surface, so they won’t stick together.

  3. Keep your weapon in a cool, dry area.

  4. Avoid long time exposure to sunlight and don’t transport your weapons on top of your car luggage.

  5. Remember about the maintenance, sprays work best for that.

Epic Armoury
Long sword 100-130 cm
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