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  • Bags, pouches, belts

    Do you also find it annoying that historical trousers have no pockets? Where to put a tinder, flint and all the other necessary items? You need a bag or a purse and a decent belt, of course!

  • Skins and cases
  • Weapon holders

    NEVER put the weapon on the belt - unless you want to damage it. A weapon holder, a hook, and preferably a solid scabbard - that's what you need. And you can find it in this category.

  • Jewellery and pins
  • Bags

    This is the category you search for when your larp items no longer fit into bags and purses.

  • Quivers

    You will never be Robin Hood if you have to carry arrows in your hand or on the strap. You need a decent quiver - and we can deliver it to you.

  • For healer

    Polowy chirurg Milo Vanderbeck, szalony doktor Frankenstein, czy zwykła babka zielarka - każdemu z nich przydadzą się narzędzia czy bandaże. Jeżeli chcesz grac postać zajmującą się leczeniem - dobrze trafiłeś!

  • Trophies

    A local lord pays 5 pieces of silver for elven ears? Or maybe a Goblin shaman needs human tongue to perform the ritual? You don't have to get these by yourself - you can buy them and many other fantasy world’s trophies in our shop.

  • Książki
  • Coins
  • Vials and bottles
  • Zestawy
  • Others
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Showing 1 - 12 of 580 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 580 items