Precise, timely, certain

Your order’s cost is over 500 PLN? Congratulations, your delivery will be free of charge! And who will make it?

First of all – we can do it ourselves. We deliver our merchandise to all events we organize (for example, to all editions of Witcher School) and to many larps that work with us, so you can choose an option of delivery to a chosen event.

This option is free of charge regardless of the order value!

Second of all (if you are based in Poland) - InPost. You can pick any delivery from us at any suitable parcel pick-up station throughout the whole country.

Thirdly – a courier. If you want your parcel to be delivered straight to your door, choose this option, and a DPD courier will arrive at the address you specified when making an order.

And one more important issue: not all of our products are available with the instant shipping option. We have to acquire some of them from the manufacturer first, which extends the time between you making an order and getting it in your hands. Always check the waiting time of an order – this way you will avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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