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Weapon for an experienced warrior. Gives an advantage in range and is still usable with a shield hanging on the other arm. Take a look at our long swords and choose one for yourself!

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Choppa - 110 cm
Epic Armoury's Choppa is a rugged latex sword designed as part of the Orc Universe collection, perfectly suited for warrior brutes and warlords alike. This 110 cm long sword has an 80 cm blade...
First Crusader - 110 cm
Epic Armoury's First Crusader Sword is a beautiful latex blade inspired by high-medieval longswords. The sword is 110 cm long, with a 80 cm double-edged blade with an excellent reach. The blade...
Soulstealer - 110 cm
Epic Armoury's Soulstealer is a latex sword designed for evil overlords or lucky tomb-raiders alike. The Soulstealer is 110 cm long with an 80 cm double-edged chopping-blade. The oval crossguard is...
Trollball Slayer - 110 cm
Epic Armoury's Trollball Slayer is a sleek latex longsword designed for the confident adventurer. The Trollball Slayer is 110 cm long with a 90 cm curved blade that ends in a false edge, giving the...
Dark Elven Long Blade - 110 cm
This bestselling Epic Armoury Dark Elven Long Blade is the longest sword available in Epic Armoury's Dark Elf series. It is 100 cm long with a 85 cm gently curved blade, coloured like bleached bone.
Dwarf Single Edge - 105 cm
Epic Armoury's Dwarf Single Edge is a latex-hybrid single-edged sword with a detailed handle. The sword is 105 cm long and has a 83 cm straight blade inspired by weapons of the mythological dwarven...
Sabre - 100 cm
Epic Armoury's Sabre is a sturdy latex-hybrid chopping blade with a protective crossguard. The sword is 100 cm long and has a 85 cm curved single-edged blade with a central ridge. The crossguard...
Jian - 105 cm
Epic Armoury's Jian is a slender and elegant latex-hybrid weapon inspired by Chinese tradition. The sword is 105 cm long and features a 80 cm straight blade with a fuller and rain-guard
Squire Sword - 100 cm
Epic Armoury's Squire Sword is a short latex-hybrid sword inspired by European medieval sidearms. The sword is 100 cm long and has a 85 cm straight double-edged blade with a central ridge. The...
Small Sword - 100 cm
Epic Armoury's Small Sword is a latex-hybrid double-edged sword with a detailed basket hilt. The sword is 100 cm long and has a 85 cm straight blade inspired by historical thrusting weapons. The...
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