The 5 Elements e-shop is a place in which you can supply yourself in various props, costumes, armor, larp weaponry and SFX. You can buy or make a custom order for scenography - even the most weird one, tickets for different interesting events and shirts.

We’ve been born from the passion for larps, the desire to popularize them and, most importantly, the will to improve them visually, better their quality and to implant the more professional take on our hobby. We cooperate with many larp events and groups connected to the larp community in our country. We’re trying to back every larp event that we can.


5 Elements specializes in organizing different nonstandard parties (private or public),cultural events (from local to worldwide), film realizations - from technical, legal and artistic takes. No party, wedding, festival, terrain game, city game, birthday, holiday, or new year’s eve is too much for us. Thanks to rich experience we acquired over the years we could pick up any challenge. Many of our previous accomplishments can be found in the Portfolio section.

Our main assets are:

- creative staff,

- years of experience,

- hundreds of props and costumes,

- pyrotechnics and other effects,

- extraordinary scenography,

- technical background for mass events.

Our company focuses on unusual ideas and unique scenarios. The client’s satisfaction is the most important thing for us, so we pursue it every time. We complete our tasks with full commitment, infinite creativity and, most importantly, great passion that we want to share with our clients.

The mission of 5 Elements is to deliver great fun and awesome experiences inspired by the unbound imagination. During coaching and teambuilding sessions for our clients we help inspire the employees, build up trust between them, motivate and deepen the communication.

Our offer aims into a wide net of receivers. Since 2005 we’re working in an NGO “Bractwo Sorontar”, and since then we’re undergoing different challenges. The experience in event organizing that we’ve gained in that time resulted in the trust and satisfaction of our clients, which are backed by our references.

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