Don’t know how? We will help you!

You don’t know what to choose? How to maintain and repair a larp weapon or outfit? Don’t worry, we will help you!

On our blog you will find a collection of guides that not only discuss the merchandise we sell at our shop, but larps in general. We have always asked for help from recognized experts in specific fields. Thanks to the fashion specialist, Dominik Jędrys, the creator of DJ Fashion, we created a series of articles regarding complete stylings for characters in fantasy universes – you will find their complete list (links included) here. Our blog also includes a guide for larp archers written by one of our trainers, Łukasz Krasoń.

For a few seasons now we have been also filming a vlog entitled Dziennik Pokładowy (English subtitles included). Kuba Dobrenko, the founder of Oak Stall helped us talk about choosing a suitable gift for a larper and how to improve your larp outfit; the host of the Wioska Fantasy Remigiusz “Wircyn” Maciupa explained not only how to repair your larp sword, but also how to handcraft a larp weapon; Basia Wilczek, make-up artist of Witcher School, showed us how to create realistic scars and how to use glued on make-up elements

And that’s certainly not all!

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