Everybody likes bonuses

Shopping in our store bring much joy – not only due to the items you order, but thanks to many other reasons!

You probably already know that every order you make in our shop gives you loyalty points which you can use with your next purchase (including special items that can be bought only with those points). They are automatically added to your account – you can check them at any time in the adventure zone, and decide how you want to spend them. You can also give your points to other users. Still, those points are not all!

First of all – we add our famous fudge candies to each sent out order! Some say that they are the best sweets in the whole larping world! We warn you: be careful with those! They are highly addictive!

And finally – in every parcel from 5 Żywiołów you will find a puzzle or a simple logic game. A little thing that can provide you with a bit of entertainment and a chance for additional prizes. So make an order today!

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