Truly biggest

Check for yourself. In our virtual storage you will find over two thousands of different products – and many of them have various colour and size variants!

The larp weaponry itself consists of over 800 different kinds of armament, ready to be used on larp battlefields. And that’s certainly not all!

On our store’s website you will also find a wide selection of larp outfits, hundreds of armour elements – from textile gambesons and leather armbraces to full plate armours; equipment and accessories (both camping gear, as well as make-up tools); small elements that would enrich an outfit and a character’s appearance; and many, many more.

A separate category are tickets and vouchers for events organized by 5 Żywiołów, headed by our flag larp Witcher School. Next to them you will find our rental offer. As the name suggests, you can rent gear from there (weapons, sleeping mats, cots and many more), which we will deliver not only to our events, but also to many other larps that work with us.

Come and visit us!

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